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Hanjeong Harvey receives 2018 Michael Kamin Hart Staff Award

Hanjeong Harvey was this year’s winner of the Michael Kamin Hart Staff Award at our 2018 IIDR Trainee Day. Hanjeong, who holds a BSc in Microbiology and MSc in Virology from Hannam University in Korea, was recognized for her scientific excellence, dedicated service, and community spirit, qualities embodied by late graduate student, Mike Hart. She has been the Burrows lab manager since 2005 and a key member of the Burrows lab team, with 14 publications in 12 years. We are all grateful to have her as a colleague, and proud that she was recognized with this prestigious award. Thank you to the Hart family for sponsoring this award for our technical staff, who do not often get the recognition they deserve. Congratulations Hanjeong!


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