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Mike Ranieri receives Michael Kamin Hart award at 2016 IIDR Trainee Day

Congratulations to Burrows lab MSc student Mike Ranieri, who was one of two recipients of the inaugural Michael Kamin Hart Summer Undergraduate awards, given to promising undergraduate researchers who are continuing on to graduate school. Mike gave a talk on his work on biofilm stimulation, and how it was used to identify a ‘new old’ drug that can kill P. aeruginosa. Mike did his undergraduate degree in Co-op Biochemistry at McMaster, and joined the Burrows lab in May 2016. Thanks very much to the Hart Family for sponsoring this and other awards at our annual Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Diseases Research Trainee Day in memory of Michael Hart, a former MSc student in our department who sadly passed away due to cancer before he could complete his degree.


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