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Burrows lab trainees recognized for Excellence at FHS Plenary

Left to right: Michael, Tori, Tiffany; absent, Sara

Each year the Faculty of Health Sciences holds a Research Plenary, followed by an awards ceremony to recognize the achievements of trainees across its diverse research landscape. This year, 4 trainees from the Burrows lab were honoured with awards. MSc student Mike Ranieri received an award for his poster presentation on stimulation of biofilm formation by sub-MIC antibiotics. Tori Marko (MSc student) and Sara Kilmury (PhD candidate) received program excellence awards, recognizing their research accomplishments during the past year. Dr. Tiffany Leighton, former PhD student and now PDF in the lab, received an Outstanding Thesis award for her dissertation on the Type IV pilus assembly system. Congratulations to all!


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