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Multiple awards for Burrows Lab at 2016 FHS Health Sciences Research Plenary

Following last week’s FHS Health Sciences Research Plenary, the awards reception honoured those who were selected by the judges. Tyson Carter (MSc candidate), Tori Marko (MSc candidate), and Tiffany Leighton (PhD candidate) all received awards for their poster presentations. Tiffany was also awarded ‘Project with most potential for commercialization’ as selected by McMaster’s Industrial Liaison Office (MILO). Postdoctoral Fellow Ryan Lamers won an award for his talk, while Sara Kilmury (PhD candidate) and Ylan Nguyen (former PhD candidate, now PDF) won Program Excellence awards, recognizing consistently excellent ratings from graduate advisory committee members. Lori was delighted and honoured to receive an award for Excellence in Graduate Supervision, following nomination by her trainees past and present. Well done everyone!!


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