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Ikram Qaderi wins 1st place MSc poster award at IIDR trainee day

MSc student Ikram Qaderi was the recipient of the first place MSc poster award at today’s Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Diseases Research Trainee Day. Ikram, who joined the Burrows lab in 2020 as an undergraduate thesis student, and began his MSc in Sept 2021, presented his work on the role of type IV pilus accessory proteins. Ikram is an accomplished student who holds a CGS-M award and has won other prizes for his work. Congratulations Ikram!

The Burrows lab was very well represented at this year's trainee day with 6 poster presentations! PhD candidate Derek Chan and MSc student Veronica Tran were both nominated for the Mildred Guilliver Scholarship in Infectious Disease Research award and delivered fantastic oral presentations. PhD candidate Victoria Coles was the co-chair of this event!

Top: Ikram, Derek, Lori, and Veronica, Luke, Zayn

Bottom: Andrew, Katherine, Nathan


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