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The Burrows Lab heads to Halifax and Veronica wins best poster!

The Burrows Lab traveled to the East Coast for the Canadian Society of Microbiologists' (CSM) annual meeting, hosted at Dalhousie University. There was no shortage of poster presentations, with Derek Chan, Nathan Roberge, and Ikram Qaderi presenting posters and Victoria Coles and Veronica Tran competing in the student poster competiton. Huge congrats to Veronica for taking home the Terry Beveridge Award for Best Poster! Afterwards we took a trip out to Peggy's Cove!

Top row (left to right): the lab at the CSM President's Banquet, Lori and Veronica, Derek

Middle row: Nathan, Ikram, Victoria

Bottom: Veronica, the lab exploring Peggy's Cove


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