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Welcome to the 2017 summer students!

From left to right: Erin, Clarissa, Sawyer, Luke, Maddy, Richard.

Every year we welcome (and welcome back) terrific undergraduate students who make important contributions to our research on Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This year we have 4 veterans and 2 new students. Returning for their second summer in the lab after completing their 4th year research theses are Madeleine Rudolph (funded by her second consecutive NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award to study biofilms); Sawyer Karabelas-Pittman (funded by a Glyconet Summer Studentship to study biofilms); and Richard Nguyen (funded by his 2nd consecutive Cystic Fibrosis Canada Summer Studentship to study antibiotic resistance). Joining them are Clarissa Skorupski (who completed her 3rd year thesis in the lab, and is studying antibiotic resistance); Erin Steckley (funded by an NSERC USRA through Redeemer College to study biofilms); and Luke Yaeger (visiting from the Doust lab to study phages that kill P. aeruginosa). We are excited to see what amazing things they will discover – welcome!


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